I make marketing simple for busy business owners

I create simple systems and strategies that attract your ideal clients with offers that they can’t refuse – and establish you as the best and only choice!

Ed Oyama breaks out of the page to help you with social media marketing, email marketing, and more.
Step 1 – Book A free discovery Call
Step 2 – we create your simple marketing system
Step 3 – attract and close your ideal clients and customers

How Much Does Your Marketing Cost your business?

Most businesses don’t Have A Reliable, Repeatable, revenue-Generating marketing system, and its costing them dearly.

When your marketing is disorganized and relies on strategies from decades past…

  • You spend hours creating content that does nothing
  • Your ideal clients don’t know that you exist
  • Your ads are like throwing money down the drain
  • Your ideal customers never find you
  • When someone actually finds you, they don’t buy from you
  • Your revenue dwindles while your blood pressure skyrockets

When you have a proper marketing system, you inspire customer loyalty and build trust. On the other hand, when you don’t have such a system, it is highly likely your customers will end up going to your competition.

We’ll show you how to build a simple marketing system that establishes you as the go-to business in your industry, attract your ideal customers on autopilot, and dramatically increase your revenue – and your peace of mind.

There are 3 ways you can Start Building Your Simple Marketing System. Which one is right for you?

Marketing Plan

In An Hour

In just one hour, we can craft a simple plan that you can implement today. This is a one-call consult where we help you find the most immediate action steps to market to your ideal clients.

Investment: $297

Marketing Plan In An Hour


Roadmap Consultation

In this two session consultation, we study your business and your goals to design a customized marketing road map. You’ll receive simple, actionable steps to reach your goals, your way.

Investment: $797

Marketing Roadmap Consult

Simple Marketing


In this six month weekly small group, we create business breakthroughs with your very own Simple Marketing System for your business.

Investment: $4997

Simple Marketing Master mind

Ed Oyama CEO & Founder

Simple, Effective Marketing for Every Small Business

Ed is on a mission to make marketing simple for busy business owners. With over a decade of small business marketing experience, he now serves as a consultant to small businesses around the world.



YES… marketing CAN Be super simple

Book A Free Discovery Call

We will help you get clear on how to optimize your marketing to attract more prospects and win more business.

Get Your Simple Marketing System™

No more guessing about how to position your brand so that your customers actually want to do business with you.

Attract and Close Your Ideal Clients

Your custom Simple Marketing System positions you as the go-to professional in your industry, and attracts your ideal clients for your flagship services.

What Our Customers Say

Ed is great at making marketing simple! He is helping me with my business marketing and when he explained Google, Facebook, Instagram to me, it really made sense and was super practical. So helpful. I recommend his workshops and his coaching!

Samantha Avalos May 15, 2024

Knowledgeable, energetic, consistent. What else can you ask for from a professionals? If you are looking to add to your social media game then Ed is definitely someone you want to talk to.

Alfredo Contreras April 11, 2024
Dianne Shumway April 10, 2024

Ed has great delivery skills. He kept me engaged the entire time. The topic was very relevant to our business and I appreciated his friendly approach to social media.

Yuko Saito April 10, 2024

Ed simply knows his stuff and teaches it in such an inspirational fun way!!!!

Corry Matthews March 29, 2024

I’ve attended a couple of Ed’s workshops at Mesh Lounge in Redondo Beach and as a professional content marketer myself, I found his workshops very educational in an easy to digest way. Ed is an excellent public speaker and teacher — he really knows his stuff! You can tell that he puts a lot of research into his work in general and does a great job tailoring to his audience.

Fiona Chan March 17, 2024

Ed is so knowledgable in Social Media Marketing and building Google Business Profiles. I came to him with absolutely no understanding about either and now I feel better about increasing my presence on social media and google. I highly recommend him because he's easy to work with and super personable. Thanks Ed.

Udo Asomugha March 15, 2024

I have attended 3 of Ed's workshop and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. I have learned some great tips and tricks for marketing on social media. He's interesting, funny and keeps my attention. I would definitely reccomend Ed to anyone looking for help with their social media. Thanks!

Bianca Sementilli March 15, 2024

Ed is extremely knowledgeable about digital marketing and is super helpful. He has a style of teaching which is clear and digestible. Thank you!

Courtney McKenna March 12, 2024

Ed is such a joy to work with. You can tell he loves what he does. I came with ZERO experience with social media and he patiently and strategically walked me through the best way to get my message out there! Highly recommend him.

Sam Lee March 5, 2024

¡ oMg ! It is simple ! Ed is Super and makes it easy.

Geovani Orantes March 1, 2024

Ed is funny and truly makes marketing simple. I’m a copywriter and couldn’t stop nodding my head and laughing the whole time he gave a workshop.

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