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How Much is your brand’s reputation costing your business?

Most businesses don’t take advantage of the free tools available to them by Google that actually increases visibility on search engines, and its costing them dearly.

When your customers can’t find anything about your brands reputation online…

  • They doubt your ability to deliver results
  • They go to your competition instead of you
  • They don’t respond to your ads
  • You lose valuable free traffic
  • Your social marketing efforts fall flat, and
  • The cost of aquiring a customer goes up

When customers search for your brand and your reputation is positive, you inspire customer loyalty and build trust. Conversely if your reputation is negative, it is highly likely your customers will end up going to your competition.

We’ll show you how to use super simple marketing strategies to increases online visibility, so that you can turn more leads into more customers and ultimately more revenue.

There are 3 ways you can improve your online visibility using Super Simple Marketing strategies. Which one is right for you?

Google Business

Profile Makeover

Optimize your Google My Business Profile so that you can show up in local search results, bring more clients to your door, and know that you’re making the most of the best of what Google offers to small businesses.

Optimize Google My Business

Website in

A Week!

If you’re looking for a quick and simple website that will convert, our team can get you set up in a flash! Schedule a call to find out more and to see if we’re a good fit.

In A Week



Hire an expert who knows how to drive customers to your door. Our team creates custom strategies built on timeless principles and the latest trends so that you can relax knowing that your marketing is giving your business every advantage that you can get.

Work One On One With Us

Ed Oyama CEO & Founder

A Family Man On a Mission…

Ed is on a mission to simplify marketing with honesty and integrity, E founded the Super Simple Marketing digital agency to help small business owners generate leads and sales on autopilot



YES… marketing CAN Be super simple

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No more guessing about how to position your brand so that your customers actually want to do business with you.

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Our Super Simple Marketing strtateigeis improve your online visability, and generate more free traffic and increase trust.

What Our Customers Say

Ed helped me with a promotional piece for an upcoming event! During our consult, he listened to what I was looking for, and quickly helped me come up with a clear and beautiful graphic that I could send out by text message and post on my social media! (on Facebook) I even have a Canva template that I can reuse for other events. He is attentive and so quick to grasp what I need! He has a way of breaking down social media and marketing and making it simple so that I can get on with my business. Next up, I'll ask him to help me with my Google profile, cause I know he's helped several of my colleagues with it. I'm know I'll turn to Ed with all my marketing concerns & requirements! Thanks, Ed!

Joan Durham March 12, 2023

Ed is a family man to the core that loves to share what he's passionate about. Myself and my business partner need a bit of hand holding through the content writing aspect of the site build and Ed broke things down in a way that allowed us to tell our story. He was incredibly receptive to our feedback allowing us to have a website that is congruent with our brand. Most importantly, the site started to convert before we were even ready to open and just about every person who enters our space compliments our web page. Thank you Ed!

Whitney Boulton March 8, 2023

Ed provided incredible value well and above what we requested (or even expected) and I would definitely use his services again. Quick turnaround time, fabulous design skills, incredibly helpful in sharing additional systems knowledge, excellent communication and brilliant insight into how to make a website that converts. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Thank you so much for helping.

Mel Schmitz January 31, 2023

It is very helpful, confident, knowledgeable and kind. He knows what he’s doing and he’s the best there is! Thanks Ed

Tiffany Stock January 18, 2023

Ed is a BLAST to work with! His enthusiasm is infectious (you will probably notice this really fast), making the entire process exponentially more enjoyable. One thing that makes it super easy to trust him with your marketing is how well he knows his stuff. Like I like following his IG account for tons of, well, super simple marketing tips (and that's a good place to check out if you're on the fence). Highly recommended, lots of stars, A+++++ would work with again!

Ashleigh McGarity November 16, 2022

Super Simple Marketing is exactly as the name says - Ed helps make marketing simple and painless by taking the time to understand my audience. I have worked with Ed on many different marketing projects for zDen and his ideas are well-thought out and captivating. If you need help with branding, marketing messaging, email campaigns, ad campaigns, etc. I highly recommend Ed and Super Simple Marketing.

zDen November 8, 2022

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