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Over the past decade, my goal has been to help Organisations and businesses grow in simple, repeatable ways.

The Story Behind Super Simple Marketing™

At Super Simple Marketing we on a mission to simplify marketing with honesty and integrity, he founded the Super Simple Marketing digital agency to help small business owners generate leads and sales on autopilot

Ed in the wild

Who is Ed

Over the past decade, Ed’s goal has been to help organisations and businesses grow in simple, repeatable ways.

Ed is on a mission to simplify marketing and to help people with something to say or sell. He founded Super Simple Marketing to help small business owners generate leads and sales on autopilot in non-pushy, non-salesy ways – and even have fun while doing it!

Early Life

Ed’s been trying to figure out how to get the word out about the stuff he loves for a very, very long time. And despite that he was quite shy and awkward as a kid, he couldn’t get over the fact that so much good stuff in the world just got overlooked somehow!

In high school he built his first website to promote his short-lived daily comic strip series, and his second website for his school’s steel drum band (yes, they had a steel drum band!)

In college, he made flyers and all sorts of creative invitations for Bible studies, fellowship meetings, and conferences


In 2007 Ed tasted his first success as a direct response marketer (although at the time he did not realise it at the time) when he embarked on a journey to Eastern Central Asia to teach english, leadership and help build infrastructure for kids and college students in need.

Unfortunately no one spoke a word of english, the students knew how to read and write but they couldn’t speak “conversational english” which meant they had no interest in coming to classes for fear of feeling inadequate amongst their peers.

Ed quickly realised he needed to come up with fun, creative and engaging ways just to get students into the classroom. Because, what the students didn’t realise at the time was all the best opportunities that these kids had ahead of them, would require them to speak conversational English.

We tried everything from handing out flyers to putting up ads at bus stops, holding up signs on the side of the road and even street performances… anything to get their parent’s attention.

Ed had to figure out pretty quickly what type of advertising would work or face the school being shut down which meant, wasting the volunteer’s time over their summer, but more so …. kids lost opportunities

That process taught me

Identified a pattern

Timeless principles – All the things I was learning on the streets, it doesn’t matter its all about the principles, the target, the message and response

What Should You Believe When It Comes To Marketing?

We believe great marketing has four pillars …


Marketing should serve your audience in such a way that provides value


Marketing should be sincere and not shady or deceptive


Marketing should be simple, a confused mind never buys


Marketing should be results driven and sell itself