How The Heck Do You Sell On Instagram

How do you sell on Instagram? Hop in the DMs!

Instagram DMs can be a powerful tool for small businesses to connect with their followers, build trust, and drive sales. By taking the time to engage with followers in a personal way, businesses can turn casual followers into lifelong customers.


  • Use DMs to connect with followers: randomly pick some recent posts and send voice messages or videos thanking people for engaging with your content.
  • Avoid the “link in bio” strategy on Instagram: instead, encourage people to DM you for more information or to purchase your product/service.
  • Keep it simple: use a single word or short phrase for people to DM you, such as “DM me the word GO” to try a new product or service.
  • Personalize your approach: take the time to chat with people in the DMs, building a personal connection that can lead to increased trust and more sales.
  • Focus on building trust: ultimately, it’s the personal connections that lead to long-term customer relationships, so focus on building trust and showing your followers that you care about them.

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